Standing Man Sculpture

Andrew Woodward is a British artist specializing in kinetic sculpture. Born in 1966, he graduated from Bath College of Art in 1989. Since then he's focused on creating kinetic sculpture / automata, and welded figurative sculptures. For the last twenty years he has lived and worked on the edge of Dartmoor, drawing inspiration from nature: a mechanical salmon, or a reanimated Dartmoor pony skull. The works often reference environmental issues, or as with his orreries; mechanical models of the solar system, convey his interest in astronomy and natural history.

He has worked as a prop maker for films, and in 2011 worked with ceramicist
Rob Sollis at Pinewood studios on Ridley Scott's Prometheus, where he carved the 'alien' text on over 70 of Sollis's hand-thrown "ampules" featured in the film.

He works in a broad range of media and styles; wood, brass and steel, reclaimed-mechanics, drawing and painting; figurative and abstract. He has exhibited in London, Bristol and across the south West, and his work is held in private collections nationally and internationally.

The works represented here span twenty years of production, some are available; please use the contact form for information or commissions.

"I'm an artist with roots in the great tradition of the Garden Shed Inventor. When I was a teenager I built a time-machine and a 7 foot triffid in our attic. In the seventies things could be mended - young men hoisted engines out of minis at the weekend, and even small villages had bike shops where they'd mend your sturmey archer three-speed bike. Silicon chips were something they talked about on Tomorrow's World. I'd disappear into the woods and come back with bits I'd pulled off cars on farmers' dumps, or fox heads I found on a gibbet and boiled up to get the skulls."