Andrew Woodward is a U.K. artist specializing in kinetic sculpture. Since graduating from Bath College of Art in 1989, he's focused on creating kinetic sculpture / automata, and welded figurative sculptures. For the last twenty years he has lived and worked on the edge of Dartmoor, drawing on the natural world: an 'unknown species' of mechanical salmon, or a reanimated Dartmoor Pony skull. The works often reference environmental issues, or as with his orreries; mechanical models of the solar system, convey a fascination with astronomy and natural history.

He has worked as a prop maker for films, and recently worked with ceramicist
Rob Sollis at Pinewood studios on Ridley Scott's Prometheus.

He was one of a group of artists comissioned to produce interactive designs during the construction phase of the Eden Project, Cornwall.

The works explore a wide range of media and styles; wood, steel, reclaimed-mechanics, drawing and painting; figurative and abstract. There are elements of surrealism, expressionism, fauvism and outsider art, and more than a hiss of steam-punk.